As part of your membership with us you can access swimming pools in the Kirklees area for no additional charge.* 


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Why is swimming good for you? 

No matter your age (be 18 or 20), whatever your condition (physical or mental), swimming is one of the best low impact exercises to undertake. It is ideal for everything from weight loss to cardiac rehabilitation, day-to-day fitness, challenge and more…It is proven that people who swim regularly make more out of day-to-day life. 

Swimming for health 

Swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits the body and the whole person! It develops human’s general strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and boosts our immune system. The variety of strokes in swimming strengthens all the muscles in the body. Swimming is also a perfect way to burn your calories and maintain or lose your bodyweight. Most of the people feel happier and more energetic after the swims. Longevity – many studies show that swimming helps you live longer. 

Stress management 

In today’s life we experience stressful situations on a daily basis. Swimming is a great aerobic exercise which helps reducing stress and supports relaxation and recovery, which leads to a more balanced lifestyle. A lot of people say that your mind is given a break or meditation while you swim – a great comfort and stress relief. 

Low risk of injuries 

Swimming is a full body exercise where very little risk of injures is involved. It is a sport for rehabilitation of many injuries as the water allows you to execute movements with lesser body weight.  

*Please note access to the Huddersfield Stadium KAL facility requires a Plus Membership