If you have any queries about your membership that are not answered below, please contact the KAL Contact Centre team on contact.centre@kal.org.uk 

Existing Members

Existing membership with KAL

I already have an existing membership with KAL, can I move to the new rate?

Annual membership customers

I am an annual KAL fitness membership paying customer and want to move to this rate, can I get a refund and re-join?

New members

Where to join

Where can I join on this membership? Is it available online?

Membership criteria

What are the criteria to join on a University of Huddersfield, ActiveHud membership?

General Information


Which centres can I use?

Centre entry

Do I use the same card to swipe into the University gym and KAL gym?

Staff membership

Is this just for students or can staff join?

Flexi card

Does this membership include the Flexi card benefits?

Cancelling your membership

Leaving the University

What happens if/when I leave the University?


How do I cancel my membership?

Leaving University soon

Can I join on this membership if I am leaving the University in, for example, 2 months?


Freeze your membership

Can I freeze my membership?

Booking after unfreezing

I have now unfrozen my membership and it will be active in 7 days; can I book an activity in the meantime?



Is the membership a month-to-month agreement or a contract?

Manual payments

Can you pay annually for this membership?

Non-UK bank accounts

I don't have a UK bank account, so I cannot take up this offer; is there an alternative for me?

Debt payments

I am in debt, how do I pay this?

Changing bank details

I want to change my bank details, how do I do this?


KAL app

How do I download the KAL app?

Guidelines for booking

What are the guidelines for bookings?

Group fitness bookings

How do I make bookings for group fitness classes?

Cancel or amend class booking

How do I cancel or amend a group fitness class booking?

Advanced bookings

How many days in advance can I book?

Your KAL

Do I have to pay extra for Your KAL?


Terms and Conditions

Check here for the Terms and Conditions for the University of Huddersfield (ActiveHud) and KAL Membership


Customer Service

Student Services (including ActiveHud, Careers, Disability, GPA, Jo Cox More in Common Centre and Wellbeing), are committed to providing high quality customer service, please take a look at our service standards.