ActiveHud and KAL: Gym, Swim and Class Offer 

ActiveHud and KAL: Gym, Swim and Class Offer - £18 per month for a 9 month contract or £21.95 with no contract*.

Students and staff can access fitness classes, gym facilities on campus and at KAL Fitness Centres across the district providing 7 day a week access to gym, class and swim facilities to suit your working patterns on campus and at home.   

£18 per month £21.95 per month
✔ Swimming ✔ Swimming
✔ Fitness classes ✔ Fitness classes
✔ Gym access ✔ Gym access
✔ Peak and off peak ✔ Peak and off peak
✔ Access up to 8 centres ✔ Access up to 8 centres
✔ Free Active Wellbeing sessions ✔ Free Active Wellbeing sessions
✔ Discounted court bookings ✔ Discounted court bookings
✔ Freeze for 3 months ✔ No contract*
✔ 9-month contract  


ActiveHud and KAL Huddersfield Stadium Complex Offer (Plus membership) - £23 per month on a 9 month contract or £26.95 per month with no contract*

On our Plus membership, you can also access the Huddersfield Stadium Complex which provides a refurbished Spa area with Spa Pool, Sauna & Steam Room, plus a 25m swimming pool and cafe.  

Please enquire at our front desk or email for day rates.

*Terms and conditions apply.


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As part of your membership with us you can access nine swimming pools in the Kirklees area


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