Our Mission: More People, More Active, More Often

In 2021 a refocused sports and physical activity offer for students and staff has been developed and overseen by the University Sports and Activity Board.   Effort, activity and resources have been marshalled around some key objectives including increases to

  • The proportion of students and staff involved in sport and physical activity on a regular basis
  • The proportion of students taking an organising/leadership role in sport & activities
  • The proportion of students participating in sport & physical activity involving international students
  • The number of BUCS teams and competitors active


Activity in 21/22 is focusing upon

  • Rebuilding activity levels after the constraints of the global pandemic
  • Strengthening partnership and co-production with students and the Students’ Union through creation of a wide range of student leadership opportunities
  • Allying participation and activity to both wellbeing and community building activities
  • Working with KAL to promote access to the wide range of activity opportunities across Kirklees